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imageTotal Whitening KitTOTAL is the world's most advanced and largest teeth whitening system.

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TOTAL Whitening Kit

TOTAL Whitening Kit


Total is an all-inclusive whitening kit which includes the latest technology of teeth whitening - which is not available anywhere else. Its development has taken longer than any other previous product. Total is the world's most advanced and largest teeth whitening system. Total is teeth whitening products Ferrari. It gives you the best, fastest and most whitening result. For you who want only the best.

Total includes:

  • 1 Massive 10 ml Syringe of Gel 35%
  • 3 ml Syringe of Gel 44% for powerwhitening
  • Silicone 'BiteOn' bleaching tray
  • Patented Teeth Whitening Light
  • Teeth Whitening Pen
  • Remineralization Gel
  • Tooth Shade Guide
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Worldwide delivery
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
What makes this product different? Below is listed some features that you can not find in any other products. Total is simply the world's largest and most advanced teeth whitening system.
Two different strengths of bleaching gel. There's no need to think about what whitening kit is best for you because Total offers you both of the most popular whitening strength. For example, you can start bleaching with more effective strength and then move to the weaker strength when your teeth begin to be close to the desired whitening level.
Patented whitening light for increasing the bleaching efficiency and speed. Use the same intensity method of light bleaching in the home, which previously was available only by the dentist’s in extremely high price.
The Whitening Pen is easy to carry and makes the bleaching possible even when the actual mouth tray using is not possible. It also gives you a extra effort of bleaching accuracy, because with this pen you can easily and accurately deal with any specific problem locations.
Better dental silicone bleaching tray. Bleaching trays are formatted for use, simply biting on the tooth traces in the silicone filled trays. The introduction of the bleaching tray only takes a few seconds and it’s perfectly fitting every time. No longer need to warm up in hot water before modeling.
Reminalization Gel. If you notice the sensitivity of your teeth after bleaching, you can use this gel to the rapid removal of the sensitivity.
In this product is a unique 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can make your order entirely without a risk. We guarantee that you get in 30 days for a beautiful white smile, or you get your money back. Extraordinarily fair and safe, isn’t it?
We have focused on whitening products used by dentists for direct sale. We operate efficiently and at high volumes. That means the cheapest prices, every day. Actually our Lowest price guarantee ensures that you can always get your product at the best possible price.

Customer Reviews:

Helen  (Thursday, 10 June 2010)
Rating: 5
Includes everything!! I am happy that I bought directly TOTAL whitening kit, because during my whitening process I noticed in other case that would
have wanted to buy other products seperately. I had enough everything and eventually after I tried products I noticed that everything of these really

Evan  (Thursday, 10 June 2010)
Rating: 5
If you really want simply the best, then choose this. Bleaching was effortless results came really efficiently. Whitening Light is also awesome
optimisizer! This product gave me really good counterpart to my money because kit contained everything that i needed.

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