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ThermoForm (Boil-n-Bite) Bleaching Trays

1) Take your whitening kit in the front of you.


2) Boil a pot of water and then reduce heat slightly so that water is no longer bubbling.

boil water


3) While holding onto the tab on front of bleaching tray, soften the bleaching tray by submerging it into boiling water for 3-6 seconds.

Sink tray


4) You will notice the tray begin to wilt. The bleaching tray must be softened enough to properly make a mold of your teeth. NOTE – Overheating may damage or over-shrink the bleaching tray.

Pick up the tray


5) Allow the bleaching tray to cool just enough to eliminate the possibility of burning your mouth during the molding process. Position the bleaching tray over your teeth, bite firmly into the bleaching tray.

Mold the tray


6) apply pressure with your fingers to the front of the bleaching tray. At the same time, press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and such all of the air and water from the inside of the bleaching tray. Let the bleaching tray cool and harden. Then remove bleaching tray from your mouth.

Push the tray


7) You may reheat the bleaching tray and repeat steps 3-6 if necessary to attain optimum results.

Repeat if it is necessary


8) After the bleaching tray has hardened, place it into your mouth to assure a comfortable fit.

Try out the fitting


9) If the bleaching tray covers too much of your gums or continues past your rear (molar) teeth, you may use scissors to trim the excess material from the bleaching tray.

Cut the leftover


10) Place bleaching tray into your mouth to assure a comfortable fit

Try out the fitting


11) If you are satisfied with the results of the fit, use scissors to cut the holding tab off of the front of the bleaching tray.

Cut off the hangover


12) Ready bleaching tray looks like this. Repeat steps 2-11 for each bleaching tray.

Ready tray