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Instructions for Using Remineralization Gel

What is Remineralization Gel?

Remineralization Gel reduces sensitivity of your teeth. It is great for people who have sensitive teeth, especially first-time bleachers. Remineralization Gel is alko known as name Desensitizing Gel.

1) Brush your teeth each time before using the Remineralization Gel. The
Remineralization Gel is most effective on clean teeth.
2)  Make sure that dental trays are clean and dry before applying
Remineralization Gel into them. 
Moisture reduces the efficacy of the
Remineralization Gel.
3) Apply a small amount ot
Remineralization Gel around the bottom interior of the dental tray.
4) Position the dental tray over your teeth and press gently so that the Remineralization Gel covers the entire surface of your teeth. Discard any overflow gel by spitting or wiping it from your mouth. Wear dental trays as needed from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Overnight applications are acceptable.
5) Upon completion of your remineralization session, clean the dental trays with warm water and toothbrush and store in a safe place.
6) Conduct your remineralization session as often as needed