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Bite-On Silicone Mouth Tray

Bite-On Mouth Tray Instructions

  1. Rinse, clean, and dry the mouth tray with white silicone impression material.

  2. Hold the mouth tray at the handle, place the mouth tray in your mouth at a comfortable biting position, make sure that your teeth are aligned approximately at the center of the white silicone impression material.

  3. Bite on the silicone impression material firmly until a solid impression is made on both upeer and lower arches; if failed to achieve a satisfying result, you may re-sculpt the silicone impression material back to its original shape, and try getting another impression; you may do so for as many times as you desire until a good impression is acquired.

  4. Keep your teeth in the cavity of the impression, and push the mouth tray (along with the silicone impression material) inward for approximately 2mm-3mm to create spaces to hold tooth whitening gel. Try to make sure that an even distance between the impression material and your teeth to be whitened is achieved; you can make adjustments by re-sculpting and moving of the impression material.