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Remineralization Gel

Remineralization Gel


Remineralization Gel reduces sensitivity of your teeth. It is great for people who have sensitive teeth, especially first-time bleachers. Remineralization Gel is alko known as name Desensitizing Gel.

  • Remineralization Gel is also known as name Desensitizing Gel
  • Gel is used by placing in the bleaching tray and keeping in the mouth after whitening session
  • Developed specifically for effective and fast remedy of sensitivity / irritation in teeth bleaching process

Customer Reviews:

Mary  (Thursday, 10 June 2010)
Rating: 5
This product was a real rescue for me! After teeth whitening treatment my teeth were so sensitive. Remineralization gel helped and gave me relief in
that situation. I also continued to use it. Because of that I managed to continue whole whitening process, and I got a real nice results!rnrnThis is a
great help to all of sensitive people :D