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U.S.News: Tooth Whitening Leads in Cosmetic Dentistry

”An informed do-it-yourself approach may be cheaper and, ultimately, just as effective. Costing $200 to $400, the kits work as well as or better than in-office treatment, according to Matis   (Director of clinical research at Indiana University School of Dentistry). In studies, he has found that at-home treatments outperform all tested as in-office products.”

US - February 6, 2008


CNN: Teeth Whitening number One Request From Patients

”According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, teeth whitening is the #1 one request from patients between ages 20 and 50. And more than billion dollars a year is spent on the procedure. CNN Ancher - Paula Zahn: And the range of kits have come out you can use at home that I guess is the low-cost version of what a dentist might offer... New York Dentist - Dr. Lou Siegelma: "Yes we tested 22 volunteers, and it ranged from one shade difference to eight shades lighter."

CNN American Morning w/Paula Zahn - Aired July 15, 2002


Before & After

Before bleaching
After bleaching