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Harriet, Helsinki

I have already long been willing to bleach my teeth, but the available options are either not worked or have been too expensive or difficult to use. When I was trying out the bleaching, I got a quick and easy white teeth bleaching and not any problems at all. I recommend to all!

Harriet Fogelberg


Ira, Helsinki

Hi, I'm Ira Montonen from Helsinki.

Since teenager I have dreamed a beautiful smile and white teeth. I have always had yellowish teeth and I have experienced it disturbing. I have previously tried the trade and purchased a pharmacy whitening. They simply do not work. When I tried the bleach I found it to work right away! Now I have beautiful white teeth, which I have long dreamed of. I’m very pleased with the result of the bleaching and would recommend this to everybody. At last, someone has a product that simply works, and the results appear quickly.


Sanja, Helsinki

Hi! My name is Sanja and I'm from Helsinki.

I tried the teeth whitening. Bleaching was easy to do and I was pleasantly surprised of the outcome. Easy to use bleaching that can be easily done at home. Works! I recommend to everyone who wants beautiful white teeth easily and cheaply.


Sami, Helsinki

One day I came to work and noticed something different in my workmate Lauri. At first I didn’t realize what was the issue, but something in his face was clearly different than earlier. Eventually I asked him if something has been changed. He started to laugh and told me that he has bleached his teeth. I was amazed by Lauri’s bright teethrow and asked, how could I get it too. Lauri said that he ordered a package from company called

I decided to try myself too, because I have always been a pale greyish teeth and I have experienced it annoying. I have previously tried supermarket’s and a pharmacy whitening, but they just simply didn’t effect. I did not get them any results. I have to admit that I still had some doubts about this, if it goes again same as always in the past. 1teethwhitening promised for all of their products 100% money-back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose. I dealt with my teeth about 10 times and already after the second time I noticed some whitening in my teeth!

After treatment process, my teeth were really nice and white. Now I have a whole new enthusiasm for smiling again. Try on earth, this is a nice shot in the everyday life!

Sami Lenkola


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