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Funny Facts about Teeth Whitening

The fact is that the human hygiene as one of the most important things is to keep your mouth clean. Now we focus on some of the fun things in the world to remember that we need to keep our teeth clean and tidy so that we would smile throughout this life. This article tells a few fun and interesting facts so that we would be living happier.

Can you imagine that China has declared September 20th the day a national holiday called the Day "Love Your Teeth Day" ("Love your teeth Date").

Elephant molars weigh 3.6 - 4.6 pounds per tooth. So think about how much it can consume food.

In the 1700's people who used false teeth were forced to eat food in their bedrooms  instead of diningroom table. That is because it was very embarrassing if their teeth dropped. From this we can conclude that the weak teeth that were not signs of the times.

Another interesting fact is that ancient people considered the cause of toothache is tooth worms. It had teeth gritted his teeth as a worm from the inside until the tooth was completely destroyed.

Chinese wrapped pergamentpaper pieces around painful teeth. The pieces of paper contained prayers and spells.

Middle Ages in Germany, people were invited to kiss asses to get rid of toothache.

Earlier period the Greeks had developed a pair of pliers to remove teeth.

Lucy Hobbs was the first woman who received a degree in dental school in 1866, the Ohio College of Dental Surgery.

About a hundred years later, was developed with mint-flavored cream. Before that the mixture of honey and tobacco, and lemon juice was used a to clean the teeth.

In the old days dentists planted teeth only from the dead body to their dental patients jawbone teeth.

During our lives, we produce about 45 500 liters of saliva and when we grow older, saliva section decreases, making the teeth more susceptible to disease.

People who are conscious about calorie consumption, did you know that a kiss for 60 seconds burn up to 26 calories. but it is also important to remember that a kiss is a dangerous way to spend your time, it does not only care about sexually transmitted diseases, but also a number of gum diseases.

So the other thing is that it is always important to keep teeth clean and correct, because the tooth loss can be a shameful situation at any age, in the old days or now.