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Good Tips for Healthy Teeth

You shouldn’t believe everything what you hear is good or bad for your teeth.

The function of the teeth is to chew food and to some extent to help you to speak and create words.

Whoever, teeth are not meant for

- Pliers
- Hangers
- Ice crushers
- Popato chip bag openers
- Knot looseners
- Fork tine straghteners
- Chomping frozen candy bars of caramel and nuts

Don’t brush your teeth too much

It is hard to choose a wrong kind of toothbrush and toothpaste if you look for ones that are recommended by the dental association. These brushes are hard enough to remove plaque but not the gums. Choose a brush like you would choose silverware – something that feels good in your hand. Most dentists recommend “soft” labeled toothbrushes.

Don’t use the same toothbrush more than three months.

If you use electric toothbrush, choose a rotary head type that you take from tooth to tooth instead of cruising across the teeth with it.

Picking up water to the brush can lead the bacteria back to the gums, which can lead them to other parts of the body such as to the heart. The water doesn’t remove plaque. It is only recommended for a gentle washing before or after brushing.

Likewise, rinsing before brushing doesn’t replace the actual brushing but these should be done at the same time.

Toothpaste is abrasive, which contains some therapeutic ingredients, mostly fluoride that hardens the enamel and can support small fractures before cavities develop.

What about sugar?

Sugar is not a problem according to the dentists. What is an problem is how long the sugar stays on a tooth. When it has enough time, it feeds the bacteria in the mouth and excretes destroying acid that can eat through the enamel creating cavities.

So if you eat candy, wash your teeth after it if possible.

Or chew gum! Surprisingly, the gum sugar is not harmful for the teeth. Gum creates a lot of saliva that carries off the sugar.

Some sugarfree gums containing xylitol prevent caries. In fact, researchers in California are trying to make gummy bears into teeth aid by adding xylitol into them.

The soda is not a big problem if you brush your teeth or drink water after having it. In fact, a diet soda contains more phosphates that can be acidic to enamel and bigger threat to your teeth than normal soda.

Dark chocolate is not as bad for the teeth either.