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Research Shows: Whiter teeth lead to success on work and love

A person looks more attractive, self-confident, trustworthy and financially successful with whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening is considered as a cosmetic procedure. You are not going to die if you don’t whiten your teeth. This means the procedure is pretty expensive as are other voluntary procedures as well. Anyway, teeth whitening can change your level of self-confidence. It makes you more attractive. It makes you look like you take care of you. Whiter teeth give you more healthy and attractive outlook but faded or yellow teeth look dirty and untidy and in fact ruin the whole appearance of a person.

A research commissioned by Crest Whitestrips (2007) shows that beautiful smile has a direct impact on successful interactions, both socially and professionally. White smile affects significantly what other people think of you for the first time they meet you.

The three-part research included simulated job interviews, first dates and quantitative online research: more than half of the participants were more likely to be hired (58%) and offered larger salary (53%), after their teeth were whitened. The research also shows that the evaluators were paying more attention to carry on interacting or “dating” with more than half of the participants, after their teeth were whitened.

During the simulated job interviews it was also noticed that most of the participants were seen as more professional (65%) and self-confid
ent (61%) after teeth whitening. And in the simulated first dates over half of the participants were seen more sociable (59%) after teeth whitening.

The third part of the study, a qualitative online research of 1006 person was consistent with the other two research, individuals who had white teeth had more positive attributes than individuals who had stained teeth: financially successful, trustworthy and professionally successful. Despite of the gender, age, income, education, profession or marital status, the participants of the research agreed.

This research proves the powerful effects of whiter smile. White teeth are sign of success. It shows that a person has time, resources and
desires to invest in smile. Cleaner and whiter teeth make you look more attractive and no job or person is hard to get. As a result, those who pay to get their teeth whitened are more successful and happier in their lives!