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Coffee Drinking and Keeping Teeth White

Many people think that coffee drinking is the only reason for stained teeth. However, there are also other things that can cause yellowed teeth such as smoking, tea, soda and fluorinated water. The main reason for stained teeth is the destruction of the enamel because of many reasons.

Anyway, the amount of coffee people consume daily affects the colour of the teeth. Think how many cups of coffee you have drunk in your lifetime and you can only imagine what effect it has on natural white teeth. The modern dental care and teeth whitening make it possible to have dazzling white teeth and still enjoy coffee. Teeth whitening is an easy and fast procedure that enlightens stained and coloured teeth.

Coffee’s many factors combined cause teeth staining. Of course, the amount of coffee you drink has an enormous effect and the dark brown colour of a coffee doesn’t match with shining white enamel. Some other things also affect how teeth absorb the dark agent. The roughness of enamel and amount of produced saliva and its organic salt content also has an effect.

Regular teeth brushing and flossing doesn’t really help with daily black coffee stained teeth. Often the cleaning with toothbrush and paste is not enough.

There are some precautions that help you to ensure minimum teeth staining, without giving up coffee. If you brush your teeth after coffee or tea, there will be less stains. However, this isn’t always possible - for example if you’re at work and you tend to drink many cups per day. Despite of brushing after lunch, keep a water bottle in your desk and have a swig after a coffee. Swirl it around your mouth before swallowing; this helps to remove excess residue. It also helps to keep your breath fresh, which every coffee drinker should do…

Flossing prevents stains even though it sounds impossible. If you drink coffee or tea with sugar and cream, flossing is particularly very important. Flossin
g prevents plaque build-up and stains that the plaque will leave. Try to do this at least once a day.

Seems pretty unconventional, doesn’t it? But a small bag of carrots or celery after coffee or tea prevents staining. These vegetables contain a lot of water that helps to rub off stains between the teeth and remove any other unwanted food from teeth.

Drink coffee cooler. Unfortunately this is the truth: the hotter the coffee, the easier it will stain your teeth. Why? Because very hot drinks can cause little fractions to your teeth and staining components attach to them. Even only couple degrees cooler makes a difference and is safer for your mouth in a long run.

However, it is unrealistic to ask a coffee or tea drinker to cut out caffeine drinks from their diet – it won’t happen. But by following these tips you can keep your teeth whiter longer after teeth whitening procedure. It is amazing what a white smile can do for your self-confidence.