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Teeth Whitening Products More Safe Than Orange Juice

According to a new research in Journal of Dentistry (2009) orange juice causes more damage to the tooth enamel than the hydrogen peroxide that is included in teeth whitening products.

Many people are afraid of using teeth whitening products because they fear they might cause damage to teeth. The researchers used a new kind of scanning microscope, which showed the irregularities surface of the enamel in minute detail. It shows that the acids of orange juice weakened the hardness of the enamel massive 84 percent. The acids in fruit juices cause damage slowly and gradually. In certain countries like Morocco, many locals suffer from damaged teeth and maybe because they love to drink several fruit juices a day. By the time the enamel weakens and breaks, which enables the bacteria to enter the teeth, causing teeth erosion.

Surprisingly, teeth whitening products cause less damage to the teeth than fruit juices, and they are used only few times in several months. This means that the damage done to the teeth is insignificant, and it is far less than drinking several fruit juices in a month.

There is no efficient tool to prevent the erosion but researchers have found big fluoride concentration can prevent it. So brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and taking a fluoride treatment at dentist should help. However, if you drink a lot of fruit juice, there are many ways to minimise the damage. Drinking the juice fast reduces the contact to the enamel on the tooth and rinsing your mouth after drinking is also helpful.


Research Shows: Whiter teeth lead to success on work and love

A person looks more attractive, self-confident, trustworthy and financially successful with whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening is considered as a cosmetic procedure. You are not going to die if you don’t whiten your teeth. This means the procedure is pretty expensive as are other voluntary procedures as well. Anyway, teeth whitening can change your level of self-confidence. It makes you more attractive. It makes you look like you take care of you. Whiter teeth give you more healthy and attractive outlook but faded or yellow teeth look dirty and untidy and in fact ruin the whole appearance of a person.

A research commissioned by Crest Whitestrips (2007) shows that beautiful smile has a direct impact on successful interactions, both socially and professionally. White smile affects significantly what other people think of you for the first time they meet you.

The three-part research included simulated job interviews, first dates and quantitative online research: more than half of the participants were more likely to be hired (58%) and offered larger salary (53%), after their teeth were whitened. The research also shows that the evaluators were paying more attention to carry on interacting or “dating” with more than half of the participants, after their teeth were whitened.

During the simulated job interviews it was also noticed that most of the participants were seen as more professional (65%) and self-confid
ent (61%) after teeth whitening. And in the simulated first dates over half of the participants were seen more sociable (59%) after teeth whitening.

The third part of the study, a qualitative online research of 1006 person was consistent with the other two research, individuals who had white teeth had more positive attributes than individuals who had stained teeth: financially successful, trustworthy and professionally successful. Despite of the gender, age, income, education, profession or marital status, the participants of the research agreed.

This research proves the powerful effects of whiter smile. White teeth are sign of success. It shows that a person has time, resources and
desires to invest in smile. Cleaner and whiter teeth make you look more attractive and no job or person is hard to get. As a result, those who pay to get their teeth whitened are more successful and happier in their lives!


Home Teeth Whitening kits

Those who want to save money and whiten their teeth comfortably at home, do-it-yourself kits are an ideal solution but there can be good or bad available. Whitening kits are normally bought over-the-counter, online or by mail-order.

Teeth whitening kits that include trays really work. They work because the whole teeth is exposed to the whitening agent so all gaps and cracks are taken care of the same way as the front of the tooth, thus ensuring the consistency of the whitening. The whitening gel is sprayed to the tray, put in to the mouth and let it be there for the recommended time, which is usually between 30 minutes and over the night, depending on the strength of the used gel.

Normally the teeth whitening kit includes trays (mouthguard), carbamide or hydrogen peroxide squirt and instructions. Though the kit doesn’t contain many parts, are there a lot of differences depending on where you buy them.

One difference is that a cheap over-the-counter whitening set has usually standard trays that are ready to use. The disadvantage of this type of tray is that it doesn’t fit completely to your mouth, which leads to a patchy result and the gel leaking to the mouth and gums. The leaking of the gel is not recommended and the gums can be whitened temporarily as well.

More expense whitening kits include trays that are boiled and moulded according to your mouth. Custom trays are important in order to assure decent whitening and consistency. It is pretty ascertain that custom tray will also decrease the gel leakage to the mouth and gums.


Common Mistakes of Teeth Whitening

You can never have enough reasons to feel good about yourself; one of them is teeth whitening, which has never been cheaper. Teeth whitening is effective and one of the few dental procedures that doesn’t include drilling, removing of tissue or injections.

Teeth whitening is not as simple as you think. You have to decide how to whiten your teeth and this decision can easily go wrong. Here are some common mistakes people make in teeth whitening (Many dentists don’t want you to know these facts and for a good reason):

1. The biggest mistake is to believe that by spending more money on so-called power -or laser whitening in dentists chair the results are better.

Laser treatment costs a lot because you need to sit on chair at dentist even for an hour. Surgery time is expensive and dentist’s costs are high. These days you can even buy your own teeth whitening laser and it's a same method which is used by dentists.

The relapse rate is also alarmingly high. It should also tell something that the manufacturers of power whitening recommend home kit use after whitening to ”balance” the results. What they are not telling that home whitening does all the work and you’d get exactly the same results without the expensive power or laser phase dentist receiving. In home you can do everything peacefully - without any expensive charge.

2. Another expensive mistakes is to believe that all the home whitening kits are the same. They are not. You can buy a whitening set from the supermarket but the effectiveness of the gel is strictly limited. A proprietary kit may cost a tenth of a professional version, but you probably would have to buy more than ten kits in order to have the similar results – it would also take longer. In addition, many over-the-counter products have not been evaluated for safety with prolonged usage. The mouth trays from your dentist are custom moulded. This is not the case in shelf products that can cause gum irritation both from the tray itself and gel.

3. It is not sensible to whiten your teeth at beauty salon or at gym. They assure you that the procedure is safe so there’s no need to pay for professional prices. Well it is safe if you know what you are doing and if you know how to avoid or minimize side effects.

4. You shouldn’t expect whitening toothpastes to change the overall color of your teeth. These products are designed to remove surface stains and work well with that- but it is not likely that they change the color of the enamel.

5. Another mistake is not to plan how porcelain veneers, crowns and white fillings look after whitening. These restorations don’t whiten like your own teeth and you may have to change them after whitening since they look too dark compared to other teeth. This needs to be planned before the whitening process.

6. Another thing you tend to forget is that your lifestyle needs to be altered to minimize teeth darkening after whitening treatment. If you rely on quick laserwhitening in dentist receive then you need to cut off tea, coffee, red wine, all heavily colored food and drinks and quit smoking.

In home teeth whitening this is not so important since you can whiten your teeth again and again whenever you want – usually with no extra cost.

7. Remember to have enough time to get the desired results. Normally it takes two weeks to reach the wanted whiteness with whitening gel. This of course depends on person. The quickness of the change depends on how often you use the products as well. If you use it only every second day, it takes longer – but you will get there anywhere. That’s the other advantage of home teeth whitening – you can do it according to your lifestyle.


Do You Want Whiter Teeth Without Spending a Fortune?

Do you want whiter teeth without spending a fortune? Home teeth whitening is the answer.

We all desire a beautiful, sparkling white smile. A beautiful and dazzling white teeth give a positive image for businessmen, students, teachers and professionals.

If your teeth are darker than you’d prefer, now you can have whitened teeth that you have always wanted. Teeth whitening is relatively easy and you don’t need to spend a fortune because you can do it at home.

Before you buy and use whitening products, it is good to do a research and understand the pros and cons of available teeth whitening products. It is important to get right information before you choose the whitening product. In order to have desired results, you don’t have to have your teeth whitened professionally; teeth whitening at home is easy and effective.

Even though home teeth whitening is relatively easy, don’t believe every hype you read on Internet. Home teeth whitening is a serious procedure, which you should do correctly. It is important to use the products correctly not to have any pains or damage. And after whitening you have to maintain your beautiful white smile as well.

Important points of teeth whitening:

- You shouldn’t have decay, gum disease or other problems in your mouth.
In case you are concerned about that it is a good idea to check your teeth at dentist before home teeth whitening.
- The products and/or procedure you decide to choose, should have the proper agents that give you proven desired results without any excess sensitivity, irritation or damage.
- You should have reasonable expectations regarding the whitening results that can be accomplished, whether it’s done at home or at dentist. Too often people have unrealistic expectation that lead to unnatural results. Your friends or family may not tell you if you’ve gone too far.


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