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Quality Guarantee

We offer the full quality guarantee to all of our products.

What does this mean?

It is easy to think that if we sell the products cheaply, so they are lower quality than the more expensive products. Our case, this is simply not true. Our products are affordable because of that you can buy them from us directly without unnecessary middlemen. The same bleaching that we sell 50 € you have to pay in another place about 500 €. We sell products with the quality and efficiency improved, as the majority of the products that you can buy  from a dentist. We sell only the largest manufacturers of products that meet very strict quality criteria.

How can I know which one is good quality product?

Here are some tips on how to know the quality of whitening gel.

The quality of whitening gel is identifies by these

  • It is packed into the Becton Dickinson medicine syringe. This is a global standard in pharmaceutical sector.
  • Made in the USA according to American strict quality standards. All of our products comply with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulations. Elsewhere brighteners no control and supervise their products, and that is why they can be just about anything. If the substance is not manufactured in the USA, it is usually made in China.
  • Gel is prepared daily, and can not be stored for long periods.
  • Only use the best raw materials; kosher USP Glycerin, USP class karbamide peroxide, etc..
  • No additives of animal origin.
  • Composition of 100%. No added fillers.
  • Quality control is carried out in the laboratory.
  • Information printed directly into the syringe, not out of removable label. This is an FDA requirement.
  • Manufacturer makes a continuous product development and quality control.

All whitening gels we sell meet these quality criteria. If you buy products from someone else, you'll want to go through the above list and make sure the product quality. If the whitening gel is packaged into a medicine syringe with a sticker on, it is a strong signal that the quality is not as good as it should be. The Americans quality criteria deny for the use of stickers in syringes. If there is a sticker in syringe, it is probably made in China with no controls.

After all, it is all about what you place in your mouth. Supports to ensure the quality of the product in advance. We make sure these things on behalf of our customers and we sell only high quality products. That is why we have a quality guarantee. You can be sure that your product is good quality.