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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

White teeth in 10 days or you get your money back! offers customers the best satisfaction guarantee what you can get.


Because we are fully convinced of the effectivity of our products. We sell quite simply the world's best and most proven teethwhitening products. We know from experience that when you try our product, you'll see how it works and you are satisfied with the outcome. Our products will work with you, as like as thousands of others too. No one else is offering this kind of guarantee. When you buy from us, you do not have to wonder if the product works or not. When you buy the best, you also receive the best warranty. We are proud to offer you one.

So what we exactly guarantee?

It is that you get beautiful white teeth! We guarantee that your teeth will whiten 3-8 degrees. Use a product purchased at least ten days, and at least a total of 10 hours (on average an hour a day, read the manual for more detail). We guarantee that the 10 hours of use after you have significantly whiter teeth and you will notice the difference, clearly and unambiguously. If you are not satisfied, just return the product and get your money back. All in all, you have 60 days (2 months), time to say a product to work at first hand. And if you want, you can return the product and we refund you for the price, including shipping costs. Also the shipment back from the customer shipping costs will be reimbursed.

NOTE! Bleach, of course, does not support the use of stop 10 hours/day, but it is as the starting level. We encourage you to continue to bleach, as long as you are fully satisfied with the outcome. The longer and more you bleach, the more whiten and faster you get the result. More efficient products (in particular 44% whitening gel) will give much better results faster.