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Teeth Whitening Products More Safe Than Orange Juice

According to a new research in Journal of Dentistry (2009) orange juice causes more damage to the tooth enamel than the hydrogen peroxide that is included in teeth whitening products.

Many people are afraid of using teeth whitening products because they fear they might cause damage to teeth. The researchers used a new kind of scanning microscope, which showed the irregularities surface of the enamel in minute detail. It shows that the acids of orange juice weakened the hardness of the enamel massive 84 percent. The acids in fruit juices cause damage slowly and gradually. In certain countries like Morocco, many locals suffer from damaged teeth and maybe because they love to drink several fruit juices a day. By the time the enamel weakens and breaks, which enables the bacteria to enter the teeth, causing teeth erosion.

Surprisingly, teeth whitening products cause less damage to the teeth than fruit juices, and they are used only few times in several months. This means that the damage done to the teeth is insignificant, and it is far less than drinking several fruit juices in a month.

There is no efficient tool to prevent the erosion but researchers have found big fluoride concentration can prevent it. So brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and taking a fluoride treatment at dentist should help. However, if you drink a lot of fruit juice, there are many ways to minimise the damage. Drinking the juice fast reduces the contact to the enamel on the tooth and rinsing your mouth after drinking is also helpful.